Map and Course Elevation Profile

The start / finish line for all events are located at the main Wool Shed/Covered Yards at Mt Linton Station, approximately 2.7km from the Ohai / Birchwood Highway.

This is approximately 136 metres above sea level.Map Key:

Red: Rock Hut Round Up (40km)
Blue: The Linton Hill Challenge (21.1 km) MTB and Half Marathon Run
Yellow: The Loch Fun Ride and Recreational Walk / Run (12km)

Rock Hut Round Up Course and the Rock Hut E-Bike Challenge- (40 km)

Rock Hut elevation map

Mt Linton Station has an excellent and extensive network of farm roads and tracks, maintained to a very high standard.

This course uses the main loop road around the Station. We expect very good times will be achieved on excellent riding surfaces on this circuit.

The first 10km rises less than 100m from the start area, an easy and fast section.

From the 10km to the 14km mark, the terrain gets slightly steeper rising 140m on a winding path on a less used track.

The next 5kms follows the Wairaki River up to Rock Hut. Although undulating, there is no significant rise in elevation on this section.

From the 20km mark a steady climb takes the riders up a 270m climb over 5km’s into the tussock country to the highest point of the course at 603m.

The 25 to 30km portion keeps riders at between 600 and 500 metres asl on some steady up and down sections, before the 10km downhill return to the finish line.

Linton Hill Challenge Course and the Linton Hill E-Bike Challenge – (21 km)


Linton Hill Elevation Map

This new course provides competitors with wonderful views of Mt Linton and surrounding areas.

Starting at 136m at the main woolshed competitors climb gradually to 243m at the 3.6 km mark. Here the Linton Hill climb of 1.9 km rises to 400m, the highest point in the event. The next 2.4 km winds its way through several hill blocks descending to 273m.

For the remaining 13.2 km the course travels through the “Downs” area on gently undulating terrain to the finish line at 136m.

The “Linton Hill” Half Marathon Run – (21.1 km)

This is the same course as the Linton Hill Challenge MTB event, please refer to the description and graph of that event above.

The “Loch” Fun Ride – (12 km)

Designed for the younger riders to give them the opportunity to enjoy what mountain biking is all about, this simple loop course will be an enjoyable ride for the 8 year olds and over.

The elevation variation on this course is only 40m with no significant steep rises or falls. On excellent riding roads, this course will be popular event for the young riders and their supporters.

The Recreational Walk / Run – (12 km)

Designed to give recreational walkers and runners a taste of high country station life, this simple loop course takes walkers around excellent farm tracks beside intensive pasture land and past the recently developed “Loch”.

It provides excellent views of the Takitimu Mountains, Struan Flat and the wider Western Southland landscape.

As with the Fun Ride, the elevation variation on this course is only 40m.